Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Abstract Floralwatercolor, 16"x20"

Watercolor, 16"x20"
Artist: Jeanie Schlump


  1. Dear Jeanie for the LAG:

    I am creating a list of all of the Art clubs in the USA and I am requesting your help.

    I am a watercolor artist who is a member of the Oak Park Art League, the Chicago plein air painters and a former member of the Palette and Chisel. A conversation between the easels during an open studio initiated this quest, how many artist run art clubs are there in the USA?

    I visited your website and it appears to me that your organization may meet the criteria

    My inquiries, so far, gave me this list:

    My criteria

    501(c)3 non-profit corporation
    managed by or for artists and provides benefits to its members (open studio, gallery space, instruction)
    Is not a museum or gallery
    Is not supported by government funding
    Is not an all inclusive Arts organizations(covering all of the Arts writing, dance, visual and acting)
    Is not a colleges or university
    Does not have restricted admissions

    If I am correct and your organization does belong on the list, Great, please give me the incorporation date by replying to this email. As importantly, if you or your members know of any organizations that meet this criteria and are not represented on the list, please tell me.

    So far I have reviewed 300 websites and I hope I’m about halfway (fingers crossed). Interestingly some organizations have shown concern about how this innocuous information will be used! Here’s my answer, it’s posted to my blog, spattershot@blogspot.com michael’s Art.

    Thank you,

    Michael Valente

    When did the LAG start?

    1. LAG has been around since 1968, I believe.We are a 501C. Try the Cheyenne Art Guild and the Casper Art Guild...both older than ours!

  2. When is the next meeting? I would love to become a member and know what is happening.