Thursday, October 25, 2012


oil on canvas, 16" x 30"
Artist:  Lee Lane

Lower Yellowstone Falls

4 color pallet painting
oil on canvas, 23" x 36"
Artist:  Lee Lane

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ghana Male Final

A final adjustment was made to the shape of the hair
and to apply both warm and cool highlights thereon.
Artist: Jeanie Schlump
Acrylic on sheet from canvas pad
16" x 20"

Ghana Male

3 weeks later the LAG invited our model from Ghana back for another 2 hour portrait session.  Jeanie Schlump picked up where she had left off on this acrylic portrait by adjusting the form of the man and by building colors and values to describe his form in more detail.

Ghana Male Portrait in Progress

LAG had a live model pose last month for our usual 2 hour session.  This is the acrylic underpainting created by Jeanie Schlump on a sheet of canvas pad.  Live models are provided free of charge once a month to LAG members.