Sunday, February 8, 2015

Laramie Art Guild: Mike Beeman Pastel Presentation

Mike Beeman is fast becoming one of the better known pastel artists in America. He is a gracious man who generously shares his knowledge of the medium during his demonstrations and workshops. Mike will be giving a workshop hosted by the Laramie Art Guild in Laramie, Wyoming on 2/21/2015. Interested parties may call 307-399-5763 for details.

Mike Beeman Pastel Presentation

Mike Beeman demonstrates the painting of a chickadee
on UArt using alcohol
as a medium for rendering the under-painting.
The background & mass of the chickadee are loosely rendered.
Outlines are virtually non-existent allowing corrections
of shape and color to be established both within and outside the figure.
Specific details of the beak and eye are accentuated
and a greater value range established.
Mike paints with the pastel medium as he demonstrates
the rendering of a chickadee and a common sparrow.

Please note the transfer of colors both within & outside
the figure. Middle values were established first
and lighter and darker values added afterwards.
The sharing of these hues prevents
the bird from feeling like a "cut-out"
pasted onto the background.
The mere suggestion of feathers and legs allows for a more
expressive rendering. Pure whites are avoided and either
warm or cool whites are selected. This image was worked on a felt grey
Canson paper, which allows the artists to render in both lighter and darker
values as he developed the form.