Friday, April 20, 2012


Original watercolor, 13" x 17"  Artist:  Jeanie Schlump
                                             SOLD to the UW Deptartment of Education

Saturday, April 7, 2012

LAG Visits UW Visual Arts Center

Mark Ritchie (second from left) shows LAG one of two painting areas as well as a vented storage room for oils. Students have access to flat file drawers for storage of large drawing projects in adjacent drawing areas.

Please note the natural light. Spot lights above model or still life can be turned on while entire room is blackened out and individual stations can be illuminated for painting/drawing students (see upper right).

LAG Visits UW Visual Arts Center

Mark Ritchie shows members of the LAG the print-making area of the VAC. Area features ventilation above the presses (see objects hanging from ceiling) which can be directed specifically to individual work areas as well as central vents which keep fumes from acid baths & other chemicals from collecting in the room.

Both old beds and lithostones have been saved and are in use as well as contemporary equipment. I was very impressed that the UW Art Department had the foresight to not discard extremely usable pieces of equipment just because of their age.

LAG Visits UW Visual Arts Center

Mark Ritchie shows the LAG the metalurgy room. Stations feature illuminated magnifiers for close work & dremel tools for intricate carving.

Once again, you can see the abundance of natural light which enters the building through the thermopaned windows.

LAG Visits UW Visual Arts Center

Mark Ritchie explains to the LAG about the energy efficiency of the new UW Visual Arts Center which features clerestory windows for natural lighting, a cooling system using Wyoming's wind, sound deadening slats in walkway ceilings, and timed lights which turn off after certain intervals. You can easily see how much natural light is entering the building through the clerestory windows.

LAG Visits UW Visual Arts Center

Mark Ritchie (L), UW Professor of Print Making, was our tour guide for the morning. LAG members congrgate in the entranceway atrium for everyone's arrival.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Can You See Me?

20" x 30" oil on panel

Artists: Lee Lane